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NEWSFLASH:   We're proud to introduce Simpson Wilson as our Canadian distributor!

Welcome to Dent Design Hardware Online

We manufacture quality made products in the United States using affordable, environmentally-sound practices.
Our intent is to meet and exceed the durability required while using the lightest, most modern alloys available.

In this day and age of increasing transportation costs, as well as lighter and lighter box and door construction, we feel our hardware should similarly reflect this industry trend while maintaining and increasing durability, robustness, and longevity of our product. We design towards minimal hardware weights through superior alloys, while keeping the entire life-cycle of our product in mind, from "cradle to grave."

"Among the ever growing number of our valued customers are some of the most respected Original Equipment Manufacturers in the industry, as well as many highly recognizable and respected companies in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Food and Bio-medical fields - and of course, our first customer - the US Navy. This array of our world-class, high-tech and mission-critical customer base is a tribute to the quality of our products and the high level of service we consistently maintain."
— Timothy Dodge, President of Dent Design Hardware


Dent Design Hardware is a small business locally operated out of Pennsylvania, USA.

Large enough to meet demand...
Small enough for personalized service.

Localized sourcing, quality materials, engineering ingenuity, and a tradition of innovation.

Rest assured.

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